August 1st to 6th, 2010

The Fourth International Meeting of Composers in Chile will take place at Music Institute of Catholic University of Chile, between 1st and 6th August 2010 thanks to the support of Goethe Institute, Instituto Chileno Francés. Departamento de Música y Sonología  and Magister en Composición of University of Chile and Fondo de Fomento de la Música Nacional CNCA.

Radio Beethoven and Pro Jazz Professional Institute will collaborate too.


In this version, the following composers will be our guests:

Carola Bauckholt (Germany)

Fabièn Levy (France)

Silvio Ferraz (Brazil)

Jorge Horst (Argentina)

The distinguished Ensemble Intercontemporain `s clarinetist Alain Damiens, will be a special guest in this version.

In the Music Institute of the Catholic University will hold Composition Workshops, Lectures and a Round Table in which all composers will participate. Alain Damiens will carry out two important workshops, one of them for clarinetists and the other one a Reading scores workshop for composers, in which he is going to play and comment student’s works that have been written for clarinet.

Sunday 1st, Monday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd there will be three Concerts at Goethe Institute where both world and Chilean premieres will be performed. The concerts will include works by guest composers Carola Bauckholt, Fabién Levy, Silvio Ferraz , Jorge Horst and Chilean composers Alejandro Guarello, David Núñez, Andrés Maupoint, Cristian Morales, Andrés Núñez and Pablo Aranda.

Distinguished Chilean soloists and Ensembles Compañia 1264 and Taller de Música Contemporánea UC will participate. Alain Damians will also give a concert as a soloist.