August 4th to 8th 2008

The Third International Meeting of Composers took place at Music Institute of Catholic University under support of Goethe Institute, Centro Cultural de España through AECI and Instituto Chileno-Francés.

CEMAT of Italy, Música y Tecnología Foundation of Argentina and Radio Beethoven were also important collaborators.

In this third version the following guest composers took place:

David del Puerto (Spain), Gabriele Manca (Italy), Charlotte Seither (Germany), Jorge Sad (Argentina) and Pierre Strauch (France).






Together with above composers, the violinist Sona Kochafian and Pierre Strauch carried out, for the first time into the International Meeting activities, a “Score Reading Workshop” in which they played and discussed students’ works.

Composition workshops, two Concerts at Goethe Institute and Centro de Extensión UC and a Round Table at Centro Cultural de España took place during the event.

The guest composers also gave the following Lectures:

  • David del Puerto : What is the sense of music in a society full of music?
  • Gabriele Manca: “Auto-transcription processes: transcription and paraphrase
  • Charlotte Seither: “Deconstruction in the compositional process
  • Pierre Strauch: “Text, subtext and pretext
  • Jorge Sad: “Sound synthesis as a way of instrumental sound material representation

During the two Concerts, the following foreign composers’ premieres were held:

  • Gabriele  Manca  “Música parlante” (2007)  for soprano, recorder, two flutes, violin and piano;
  • David del Puerto  “Versos nocturnos” (2008) for soprano, guitar, clarinet, violin and violoncello;
  • Charlotte Seither  “Monad’s Face”  (1993) for soprano, bass clarinet and violoncello;
  • Pierre Strauch  “De siempre y nunca” (2008)  for  violin violoncello, clarinet, flute, /piccolo,  guitar, piano, percussion and  “ Akabnmé” (1996) for violin.
  • David Núñez  “Outlandisch” (2008) for double bass recorder and electronics:
  • Jorge Sad Levi    “La vuelta hacia arriba del aire de la mañana”  (2004)  for  flute and electronics.

The following works by Chilean composers were also performed:

  • Francisco Silva “Atrás” (2007) Music for toy instruments;
  • Andrés Núñez M. and Álvaro Núñez C. “Alado” (2007) for soprano, violin, two violoncellos, clarinet, flute, recorder, guitar and piano.
  • Alejandro Guarello “Turbio” (2004) for two violins;
  • Pablo Aranda “Oir-D” (2000) for violin;
  • Cristian Morales “La lírica violencia serénica” (2008) for two violins and electronics.