JUNE 1ST to 4th, 2004

The first International Meeting of Composers was held at Music Institute of Catholic University under financial support of Goethe Institute, Centro Cultural de España and Instituto Chileno-Francés.

SCD, Radio Beethoven, Postgraduate Direction of Catholic University (DIPUC) and UNAM were also very important collaborators.

In the first version the following guest composers took place:

Emmanuel Nunes (France), Gabriel Valverde (Argentina), Juan Carlos Tolosa (Argentina), José Manuel López López (Spain), Theo Brandmüller (Germany), Julio Estrada (México), David Núñez (Venezuela) and Flavio Oliveira (Brazil).



The above composers carried out Composition Workshops, three Concerts at Goethe Institute and Centro de Extensión UC and a Round Table at Centro Cultural de España.

They also gave the following Lectures:

  • Julio Estrada: The Scales Continuum:  D1 theory, Computer Program MüSIIC demonstration
  • Emmanuel Nunes  : The relation between writing and space
  • Flavio Oliveira: “Protoforms and breakings 1 Models and Process in Composition” and Protoforms and breakings 2 Narrative and Teleology in Composition
  • Theo Brandmüller: Carillon harmonics: My organ music under Messiaen`s legacy“.

During the three Concerts, the following foreign composers’ premieres were held:

  • Julio Estrada “Canto Oculto”  (1977)  for violin;
  • Flavio Oliveira “Tres Contracantos”  (1996) for mezzo, soprano, violoncello and double bass;
  • Emmanuel Nunes “Aura” (1983-89) for flute and “Einspielung” (1979) for violin;
  • José Manuel López “Sonata” (2001) for violín and piano and   “Sotovocce” (1995) electronic music;
  • Theo Brandmüller   “ Nirwana-Fax II” (1996-97)    for flute, clarinet, violoncello, piano and percussion and “Despedida”  (1995)    for  mezzo and  guitar;
  • David Núñez   “Del viento”  (1999) for piano;
  • Juan Carlos Tolosa   “Pentimento” (2004)    for two flutes;
  • Gabriel Valverde  “Sonora  Soledad” (1998) for  flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, and piano.

The following works by Chilean composers were also performed:

  • Cirilo Vila    “De sueños y evanescencias”(2003) for  soprano, flute, violoncello and piano;
  • Alejandro Guarello   “Doo…pit” (2000) for two violins, two flutes, violoncello, clarinet and percussion;
  • Pablo Aranda    “Masped” (2002) for violin, violoncello and  piano;
  • Francisco Silva    “Táctrio” (2002-2003) for violin, guitar and piano.